Outstanding Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement in Calabasas, CA

Stop wasting your free time and your extra money dealing with a broken toilet in your home. My Calabasas Plumber Hero is a comprehensive plumbing company in Calabasas, CA, on-call and always ready to respond to your toilet repair needs. We work with expert plumbers in the immediate vicinity who have unmatched skills and deliver quality workmanship around the clock. Regardless of the brand or the kind of toilet you have in your home, our plumbers have the knowledge, expertise, and special equipment to fix any problem quickly and for less than other plumbing companies in town.

Why You Need Professional Repair Service

If you’re considering taking on toilet repairs on your own, you may want to reconsider. Using a plunger to get rid of a minor clog or running to the hardware store to replace a damaged flapper isn’t a big deal, but what happens when these seemingly easy fixes don’t work? What comes next?

Household plungers are great for small, shallow clogs, but they are useless against massive blockages in the trap and those in the drainpipe that have built up over the years. In fact, using a plunger against a blockage in the trap could actually push the obstruction farther into the drainpipe and potentially damage your plumbing system.

When you call for professional plumbing service in Calabasas, CA, you’re opting to hire qualified plumbing professionals with years of experience working in the industry and addressing every type of plumbing problem imaginable. Using video plumbing technology, our plumbers can peer inside your drain pipes to figure out the exact location of the clog and use drain cleaning services like hydro-jetting to fix the problem.

So put down that plunger, forgo the chemical drain cleaners, and give us a call today at (818) 962-4474 to set up an appointment for toilet repair today!

When to Consider Toilet Replacement

Many people keep the existing toilets in their home a lot longer than they should. Toilets manufactured in the mid-1990s (before 1994) are not anywhere near as water efficient as today’s toilets. This is because technology has changed. Today sleek, modern toilets with special features like no-touch, automatic flushing, dual-flush options, and low-flow options are more affordable than ever. In fact, if you want to save money on your water bills, purchasing a new toilet is the best investment you can make.

You may also need to consider toilet replacement if you toilet is irreparable.  Our plumbers are able to fix nearly every type of broken toilet, but if a toilet is old and the parts are no longer available there may be no other choice but to explore toilet replacement.

Whether you need to or want to replace your toilet, we can offer you suggestions on which models are the most water efficient and assist you with toilet installation. Don’t rely on YouTube videos or the generosity of your neighbor to help you install your new toilet. Protect your investment and avoid future plumbing problems because of poor installation. Opt instead for professional installation from My Calabasas Plumber Hero.